Client Testimonials and Endorsements

We want you to feel confident in your decision to hire us, and we are happy to share with you testimonials from our clients. However, every case is different, and we cannot guarantee that you will have similar results in court.


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  • “Now I’m a believer. Your firm did an amazing job.”

    “I’m impressed. I was kind of skeptical because I’ve never even met ya’ll and I’m not used to doing business that way but now I’m a believer. Your firm did an amazing job.”

    Tennessee client
  • “Mr. Hardenbergh appeared on my behalf…and negotiated a ‘Defective Equipment’ charge. That means no criminal record and no points!”

    “On February 13th (a Friday no less) while en route to South Carolina I was pulled over while passing a tractor-trailer going down hill. I noticed that my speed was nearing 80 mph, but as I neared the bottom of the hill I knew I would be back to the posted limit. But it was too late! After I had found a safe area to pull over the officer informed me that I was going 84 mph through his radar! I did not argue with him but accepted his citation and continued on to S.C. thinking about how I would handle the ticket. At first I thought of just paying the fine and letting it go. After all, I had been driving for over 40 years with only one other citation, no accidents, and no speeding tickets, so I thought that would be a good decision. I was to find out that was a faulty decision. It was about a week later that I received a mailing from Mr. Hardenbergh, Attorney, filling me in on exactly what it means to exceed 80 mph in Virginia. I was shocked to find out that I could be convicted of a criminal defense and have a record if found guilty. I had also received other letters from additional law offices, but his letter and information seemed more personal to me, so I called his office to obtain more information. After discussing the situation I made a good decision: I hired his firm to represent me. I was then assigned a Legal assistant/Paralegal to help me prepare my case. Her name is Christina, and I cannot thank her enough for all that she helped me with, her patience and also encouragement during the process. She answered all my questions and was in contact with me right up to the judgment, of which I was very pleased. One of the things she had me do was to have dynamometer test done on my speedometer. My car is a 2010, so it is somewhat new, but the test showed that the faster I drove the more inaccurate the indication of speed in my favor! So, armed with this information and all the other documents I had sent, Mr. Hardenbergh appeared on my behalf on my court date and negotiated a ‘Defective Equipment’ charge. That means no criminal record and no points! I gladly paid my fine and court costs, which could have been much, much more plus a criminal record. I highly recommend the Law Firm of Charles V. Hardenbergh if you find yourself in trouble with the traffic laws, especially the Reckless Driving charge. They do a very good job and are a pleasure to work with in preparing your case and in the support you receive while you are waiting for the court date. You will be glad you did!”

    Bill Whitehead, Cross Junction, Virginia
  • “I am truly grateful for the sound experience the Hardenbergh team brought to my case and the kindness that was expressed over my situation.”

    “Every motorist in the eastern United States knows how dense and treacherous I-95 can be on any given day. The private traveler and every form of commercial vehicle are funneled down to as little as two lanes in both directions. Someone is always going (or wants to be going) faster than you. My most recent trip south through the I-95 corridor was for a much-needed vacation. There was no hurry, with check-in time not until 3:00 p.m. But the constant push and pace of traffic that day drew me in. Getting pulled over for speeding while passing a pack of cars is bad enough, but when the deputy sheriff returned to my window with the paperwork, I was shocked to see that he was charging me with Reckless Driving (85 in a 70)! That incident did much to spoil my vacation, wondering and worrying about what I was to do about this charge. I knew I needed a lawyer. When I returned home a week later, my mailbox was stuffed with letters from attorneys throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. My first impression was to say, ‘What a racket!’ I took the time to read over every piece of information. What impressed me most about the Hardenbergh literature was how easy it is to be charged with reckless driving in Virginia, as compared to neighboring states. Breaching the threshold of 80 mph here is a recipe for disaster. More depressing was how grave the prospects were for a fair outcome at trial without proper representation. By contracting the Hardenbergh team, I was encouraged and given clear instructions on what I needed to do to help build viable evidence for my case. I learned that not all speedometer calibrations, specifically GPS, are accurate or certified. By using an approved shop with a dynometer calibration across the full span of speed range, my vehicle speedometer was found to be significantly incorrect (slower) at higher speeds. This was evidence that I was traveling at or above that 80 mph danger zone without knowing… In my case, one of best possible outcomes occurred. Although the case was not dismissed, the charge was reduced to ‘Defective Equipment,’ and no points were assessed on my driving record. Mr. Hardenbergh also convinced the court to reduce the fine! I am truly grateful for the sound experience the Hardenbergh team brought to my case and the kindness that was expressed over my situation. This was an expensive mistake that could have resulted in a permanent criminal record for me. My advice to all who read this: Don’t hurry on I-95, even if you’re NOT in a hurry!”

    Charles Hastings, Falls Church, Va.
  • “Mr. Hardenbergh’s law firm is definitely the best one for defending traffic charges in Virginia.”

    “Mr. Hardenbergh’s law firm is definitely the best one for defending traffic charges in Virginia. As a non-Virginia resident and also a non-U.S. citizen, having a misdemeanor on my records would ruin my permanent U.S. Work authorization. Mr. Hardenbergh and his team helped me since the beginning of my 84/70 RD case, providing me with the technical (and psychological) support I needed to go after the evidence and get successful results. My case ended up with just a defective equipment fine, and I’m sure this result wouldn’t be possible without their professionalism and expertise in the traffic case area. I owe my future career and personal life as a U.S. permanent resident to him and his team. Special thanks to Selena Reynoso, who was always promptly answering my several questions and comforting me through the whole process. I dealt with a very professional team indeed!”

    Paulo Siani, Michigan
  • “It was reassuring to feel that all was under control.”

    “You and your staff have been fantastic in this whole episode. You and your staff were friendly but were timely with requests. We were prepared for trial two months in advance. It was reassuring to feel that all was under control. I highly recommend Mr. Hardenbergh for any legal issue that you may have in your life.” — With Best Regards

    Linda From Virginia
  • “Thank you again for making it fairly simple to keep my career intact.”

    “Thank you for your help in overcoming the consequences of breaking a traffic law that I have always felt to be unfair. If I had been found guilty of reckless driving, I would not have been able to obtain my commercial driver’s licenses. This would have ruined my career with VDOT. Thank you again for making it fairly simple to keep my career intact.”

    Virginia client
  • “If you have a lot to lose…pick the best you can, and go with Mr. Hardenbergh.”

    “I can whole-heartedly endorse Mr. Hardenbergh and his office for contesting traffic tickets in Virginia. My speeding ticket was automatically upgraded to a Class 1 Misdemeanor Reckless Driving charge due to being over 80 mph. If allowed to stand, this would have had a huge impact on my career and possibly cost me my pilot’s license. Mr. Hardenbergh was able to get it reduced to simple speeding, with just a fine and court costs. There are other, less expensive attorneys vying for your business, but if you have a lot to lose like I did, pick the best you can and go with Mr. Hardenbergh.”

  • “Charles V. Hardenbergh is the only law firm to consider in Virginia.”

    “The law firm of Charles V. Hardenbergh is the only law firm to consider in Virginia. I had a difficult case which involved excessive speeding and as a result had life-altering ramifications. Charles and his team were able to secure a very favorable outcome. Their knowledge, experience and professionalism are second to none, and they will always have you and your case in the best position possible for a favorable outcome. Choosing the law firm of Charles V. Hardenbergh is your only decision to make. Don’t make another mistake by choosing the wrong law firm!”

    Happy in New Jersey
  • “Y’all are awesome!”

    “Outstanding! Y’all are awesome! To be honest, I never expected the case to be dismissed. I’m very pleased with the services you provided. I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends that need your services! Thank you very much!”

    Tennessee client
  • “I can never fully express how very grateful I am.”

    “Dear Becky and Mr. Hardenbergh, I can never fully express how very grateful I am to you both for achieving such a wonderful outcome in my case. Your team worked so diligently to prepare a strong defense on my behalf, and throughout this process Becky has helped to relieve my worries and set my mind at ease. I am so pleased with my results and feel that I can move forward with my life and career without concerns about this charge affecting my future. I am so very grateful for your assistance and dedication to my case. Thank you so very much!”

    M. Stevenson, Florida