“Mr. Hardenbergh’s law firm is definitely the best one for defending traffic charges in Virginia. As a non-Virginia resident and also a non-U.S. citizen, having a misdemeanor on my records would ruin my permanent U.S. Work authorization. Mr. Hardenbergh and his team helped me since the beginning of my 84/70 RD case, providing me with the technical (and psychological) support I needed to go after the evidence and get successful results. My case ended up with just a defective equipment fine, and I’m sure this result wouldn’t be possible without their professionalism and expertise in the traffic case area. I owe my future career and personal life as a U.S. permanent resident to him and his team. Special thanks to Selena Reynoso, who was always promptly answering my several questions and comforting me through the whole process. I dealt with a very professional team indeed!”

Paulo Siani, Michigan