“Every motorist in the eastern United States knows how dense and treacherous I-95 can be on any given day. The private traveler and every form of commercial vehicle are funneled down to as little as two lanes in both directions. Someone is always going (or wants to be going) faster than you.

My most recent trip south through the I-95 corridor was for a much-needed vacation. There was no hurry, with check-in time not until 3:00 p.m. But the constant push and pace of traffic that day drew me in.

Getting pulled over for speeding while passing a pack of cars is bad enough, but when the deputy sheriff returned to my window with the paperwork, I was shocked to see that he was charging me with Reckless Driving (85 in a 70)!

That incident did much to spoil my vacation, wondering and worrying about what I was to do about this charge. I knew I needed a lawyer. When I returned home a week later, my mailbox was stuffed with letters from attorneys throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. My first impression was to say, ‘What a racket!’

I took the time to read over every piece of information. What impressed me most about the Hardenbergh literature was how easy it is to be charged with reckless driving in Virginia, as compared to neighboring states. Breaching the threshold of 80 mph here is a recipe for disaster. More depressing was how grave the prospects were for a fair outcome at trial without proper representation.

By contracting the Hardenbergh team, I was encouraged and given clear instructions on what I needed to do to help build viable evidence for my case. I learned that not all speedometer calibrations, specifically GPS, are accurate or certified.

By using an approved shop with a dynometer calibration across the full span of speed range, my vehicle speedometer was found to be significantly incorrect (slower) at higher speeds. This was evidence that I was traveling at or above that 80 mph danger zone without knowing…

In my case, one of best possible outcomes occurred. Although the case was not dismissed, the charge was reduced to ‘Defective Equipment,’ and no points were assessed on my driving record. Mr. Hardenbergh also convinced the court to reduce the fine!

I am truly grateful for the sound experience the Hardenbergh team brought to my case and the kindness that was expressed over my situation. This was an expensive mistake that could have resulted in a permanent criminal record for me.

My advice to all who read this: Don’t hurry on I-95, even if you’re NOT in a hurry!”

Charles Hastings, Falls Church, Va.