“On February 13th (a Friday no less) while en route to South Carolina I was pulled over while passing a tractor-trailer going down hill. I noticed that my speed was nearing 80 mph, but as I neared the bottom of the hill I knew I would be back to the posted limit. But it was too late! After I had found a safe area to pull over the officer informed me that I was going 84 mph through his radar! I did not argue with him but accepted his citation and continued on to S.C. thinking about how I would handle the ticket. At first I thought of just paying the fine and letting it go. After all, I had been driving for over 40 years with only one other citation, no accidents, and no speeding tickets, so I thought that would be a good decision. I was to find out that was a faulty decision.

It was about a week later that I received a mailing from Mr. Hardenbergh, Attorney, filling me in on exactly what it means to exceed 80 mph in Virginia. I was shocked to find out that I could be convicted of a criminal defense and have a record if found guilty. I had also received other letters from additional law offices, but his letter and information seemed more personal to me, so I called his office to obtain more information. After discussing the situation I made a good decision: I hired his firm to represent me.

I was then assigned a Legal assistant/Paralegal to help me prepare my case. Her name is Christina, and I cannot thank her enough for all that she helped me with, her patience and also encouragement during the process. She answered all my questions and was in contact with me right up to the judgment, of which I was very pleased. One of the things she had me do was to have dynamometer test done on my speedometer. My car is a 2010, so it is somewhat new, but the test showed that the faster I drove the more inaccurate the indication of speed in my favor! So, armed with this information and all the other documents I had sent, Mr. Hardenbergh appeared on my behalf on my court date and negotiated a ‘Defective Equipment’ charge. That means no criminal record and no points! I gladly paid my fine and court costs, which could have been much, much more plus a criminal record.

I highly recommend the Law Firm of Charles V. Hardenbergh if you find yourself in trouble with the traffic laws, especially the Reckless Driving charge. They do a very good job and are a pleasure to work with in preparing your case and in the support you receive while you are waiting for the court date. You will be glad you did!”

Bill Whitehead, Cross Junction, Virginia