If you are charged with reckless driving in Virginia, this is not the same as getting a traffic ticket. You are facing a serious criminal misdemeanor offense or, in a more serious case, a felony charge. A conviction can lead to a harsh sentence and a permanent criminal record. You need the assistance of an experienced reckless driving attorney who can build a strong defense against the charges and help you decide whether it is best to fight the charges or enter into a plea agreement. Plea bargains for reckless driving

Benefits of a Plea Agreement

If you have a strong defense against a reckless driving charge, such as the prosecution has insufficient evidence against you or you were wrongfully pulled over by the police, you may be able to get the charges dismissed. However, in most cases, the defenses are not that clear cut. So, many reckless driving and other criminal cases are resolved through a plea bargain with the prosecutor. Here are reasons why you might want to enter into a plea agreement:

  • You will not face the uncertainties and risks of taking your case to trial, which can include a conviction for a more serious offense with much harsher penalties.
  • You will save money because the cost of taking your case to trial can be expensive.
  • You avoid the emotional and mental stress you may experience from taking your case to trial.
  • You can resolve your criminal charges and go forward with your plans and your life.

Outcomes When Entering Into a Plea Bargain

Depending on the circumstances in your case, entering into a plea agreement can lead to a favorable outcome for you. Some of the ways a plea agreement may help you include:

  • Pleading to less serious charges. You may be able to enter into a plea agreement to plead guilty to a much less serious offense that does not include the harsh penalties of a reckless driving conviction or that may not result in a criminal record.
  • Avoiding jail time. You could be sentenced to jail if you are convicted of reckless driving. You may be able to enter into a plea bargain where the prosecutor agrees that you do not have to serve any jail time.
  • Avoiding immigration consequences. Depending on your situation, a reckless driving conviction could affect your immigration status. You may be able to enter in a plea agreement to plead guilty to a less serious offense that will not jeopardize your ability to remain in this country.

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