Former Special Assistant United States Attorney and current Criminal Traffic Specialist Charles V. Hardenbergh has spent years on both sides of the criminal justice system trying cases including assault, possession of drugs, public intoxication, DUI, reckless driving, and many more. During a successful career spanning over two decades, Charles has developed his most effective system for getting charges expunged in Virginia with 100% of the clients who retained him having been successful in their petitions.


He is Co-Author of numerous publications including “The Secret Truth about the Virginia Criminal Justice System” and “I AM CHARGED WITH A CRIME” as well has producing a monthly newsletter “Live the Dream Today” where he frequently shares tips on how to protect yourself and your family from a justice system gone crazy and unique insights on Virginia law and expungements.


As a cadet and then professor who taught law at VMI and the Army Logistics Management College, Charles was taught and later educated others on the strategic and tactical aspects of fighting to win at trial. Charles Hardenbergh brings a sharp set of skills and a history of tenacious defense to the table.