Dublin, Va.—Kai Kitchen, 21, was arrested on July 3, 2016, in Pulaski County, Virginia, after receiving three Reckless Driving tickets within an hour. At 7 a.m., Kitchen was traveling south on I-81 in the western part of the state when she was ticketed by a state trooper who clocked her at 93 mph in a 70 mph zone. The same trooper—at the same mile marker—pulled her over again just 40 minutes later and issued her a second ticket for Reckless Driving. That time he clocked her at 97 mph.

Approximately 20 minutes later another trooper pulled Kitchen after he clocked her at 94 mph. When he learned that she had just received two Reckless Driving tickets, he arrested her. Kitchen was held at the New River Valley Regional Jail until her bond hearing on July 7. Kitchen is a resident of Los Angeles, California,  according to court records. She is scheduled to appear again in court August 16.

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