Man playing chess against robotFor the Legal Profession, AI may be "an even more momentus shift than... the internet."


The legal profession will likely be completely transformed thanks to the AI revolution within the next couple of decades, if not sooner. Computers will soon be able to comb through massive databases and complex documents to quickly supply sophisticated answers prompted from questions asked in basic English. This will primarily affect four areas of the law: legal research, document generation, legal information, and legal analysis. As Andrew Perlman, the Dean of Suffolk University Law school, says here “For the legal industry, ChatGPT may portend an even more momentous shift than the advent of the internet.” 

To be specific, AI programs such as Chat GPT can quickly scan through substantial amounts of legal data and provide relevant information on any specific topic, saving legal staff time and effort. Since lawyers will be far less limited in their ability to take on cases due to the logistics or scope of research and review needed, their personal ability and knowledge, as well as personal relationships with the court, will become paramount.  

An Attorney's Personal Ability, Knowledge, and Relationships Will Become Paramount

This contradicts alarmists who say AI will end the need for lawyers, as AI will paradoxically place more importance on your choice of legal representation. The tools AI provides will alleviate the burden of labor and time needed to work on more complex cases, making the monotonous but necessary parts of the law that used to require a goliath of a firm to handle, now more manageable by smaller to mid-sized firms that allow individual attorneys to be much more hands on with their clients.  

In addition, judgment still comes from flesh and blood people, as even the software and hardware we rely on daily is still molded by its creator. OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, exclaimed just after ChatGPT’s release that it would be a “mistake” to rely on ChatGPT “for anything important right now.", proving that even one of the inventors of this extremely ambitious technology is still dubious about trusting it with anything important, which especially applies to the law.  

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A human judge will continue to remain the individual who ultimately decides or presides over your court case. Computers will change this process, but the result will look the same. A judge or jury will decide your fate, and that judgment will inevitably be colored with human interaction and bias. Only a human attorney can provide you with the full set of tools necessary to navigate the justice system with or without aid from AI, as the legal process will always deal with the fallibility of people.  

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