Sometimes, reality really is stranger than fiction. Read on for examples of crazy situations, where people have turned themselves from a regular citizen, into a criminal. Some of these situations will make you laugh, while others will leave you shaking your head.

The Police in Fairfield, Connecticut, recently arrested six senior citizens, ranging in age from 62 to 85. According to reports, the seniors were arrested in the Grace Richardson Conservation Area which is, they say, a well-known spot for local citizens to engage in “hook ups”. The police had received multiple reports of indecent activity, and when they arrived at the park, identified Daniel Dobbins, 67, Otto D. Williams, 62, Charles L. Ardito, 75, John Linartz, 62, Richard Butler, 82, and his wife Joyce Butler, 85. Evidently, Mrs. Butler planned to be rather busy. 

It is nothing new to hear about people with a fetish, but some are a little stranger than others. In Deland Park, Patrick Beeman has been sentenced to 150 days in jail for his unusual fetish of clogging toilets. In addition to spending 150 days in jail, Mr. Beeman will pay $5500.00 in restoration and perform 100 hours of community service.  

Have you ever thought about faking your own kidnapping? It’s probably not a good idea, as an Alabama man discovered. Andrew Nunez attempted to extort money from his family by claiming he had been kidnapped. The FBI decided to launch an investigation. Once the investigation was finalized, Mr. Nunez was charged with first degree extortion and false reporting to law enforcement.  


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