When you receive a Virginia reckless driving ticket, your signature is typically taken as a promise to appear in court. However, you may be able to avoid a court appearance by hiring an attorney to appear on your behalf. Having a lawyer appear in court for you

Avoiding a Court Appearance

When you hire an attorney to handle your reckless driving charge, you can be confident that your case will be presented in a way that may get the charges dropped or reduced. Another important benefit of retaining legal representation is that you typically won't need to show up in court. Your attorney can simply appear on your behalf.

While this option is most beneficial for out-of-state residents, it's also helpful for people who can't easily take time off work for a court appointment or stay-at-home parents who don't have access to suitable childcare.

Exceptions to the Rule

Although an attorney can typically appear on your behalf to handle a reckless driving ticket, there are some circumstances that still require you make a court appearance. For example, if you were arrested for traveling over 100 miles per hour or have previous reckless driving convictions, you'll need to appear before the judge in person regardless of whether you have an attorney.

If you're required to appear in court, your attorney will go over the details of your case with you beforehand and let you know what to expect from the process. If you are disabled or will require an interpreter, make sure your attorney knows this ahead of time, so the necessary accommodations can be made for your appearance.

Special Rules for Underage Drivers

Juvenile drivers charged with reckless driving who are required to make a court appearance must appear with a parent or guardian. Although the court appearance for an adult driver is handled in the General District Court, underage drivers will typically have their cases handled by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

An Attorney Can Represent You In Virginia Court

If you've been charged with reckless driving, Virginia defense attorney Charles V. Hardenbergh can help protect your rights. Please call to schedule a free, no-obligation case review.