There are seven defense strategies that really work in DUI cases.

The first strategy is to make a deal. If you show a prosecutor that there are problems with the government's case, it's possible for them to offer you a plea agreement in which you would be able to put a deal in front of a judge instead of taking your chances on the sentence that the judge might give you.

The second strategy that works is to attack probable cause. If the officer did not have probable cause to arrest you for driving under the influence it's possible to have your charges thrown out entirely. The third strategy that works is to prove unreasonable suspicion. If the police officer pulled you over without reasonable suspicion that you were committing a crime your charge can be thrown out of court.

A fourth strategy that is very affected is to contest the admissibility of the breath alcohol certificate. For example if the arresting officer is not the same as the breath test officer both of them must be present in court for the certificate to be admissible. However you must note your objection in advance of trial.

A fifth strategy that works in DUI cases is to appeal. In many instances I've had a client who was convicted in lower court but on appeal the charges were tossed out. This may work for you, however, beware because the results can get worse on appeal and in Virginia juries can sentence you.

My six strategy that works is to delay the trial. Occasionally I can push a trial back and sometimes that will result in a situation where critical witness such as the arresting officer or the breath test operator is unable to appear at trial as a result my clients charges will be thrown out.

Finally, my seventh secret strategy is to challenge the administrative license suspension. When you're arrested for DUI the clock starts ticking you usually have only seven days to petition to restore your driver's license. This is an important opportunity to develop key evidence and to let the government know that you're going to be putting on a thorough defense.

I'm Virginia DUI defense attorney Van Hardenberg. If you have a pending DUI charge feel free to give me a call right now to talk about your case and your options. You can get me at 540 462 3863. Call now and let's talk about your future.