If you were convicted of a DUI in Virginia, you will be required to complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, which is also referred to as VASAP and ASAP. This is true even if it’s your first conviction. How long you will be in the program, what you will be required to do, and the cost will depend on your individual circumstances.  Virginia's VASAP program

How VASAP Programs Work

Under Virginia law, anyone convicted of a DUI is required to complete a VASAP program. However, you cannot enter the program until you receive a court order requiring this. There are several parts to this program:

  • Intake. When you begin the program, you will be assigned a case manager who will assess your level of alcohol dependency and determine the number of hours of educational programs you will be required to attend. He may also require you to enter a drug and alcohol treatment program and will provide you with a list of approved ignition interlock providers.
  • Education. You will be required to attend a 10-week course that meets for two hours per session. Attendance is mandatory. The goal of the program is to help you understand your level of alcohol dependence and to make appropriate behavioral changes. You may be required to undergo drug or alcohol testing at your classes.
  • Probation. You may still be required to remain in the VASAP program after you complete your course. This program also operates as probation, and you be monitored to be certain that you complete the course, submit to any required drug and alcohol testing, and install and use an ignition interlock device on your vehicle if you are granted a restricted license.

Failure to fulfill the requirements of the VASAP program is reported to the court, and any suspended jail sentence may be revoked. If this is your first DUI conviction, enrollment in this program may enable you to obtain a restricted license that would allow you to drive to work, school, doctor’s appointments, child visitation, church, and required ASAP meetings.

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