"We hired Mr. Charles Hardenbergh to represent our daughter on a DUI, and the result was the unimaginable; if not, what we thought was the impossible. With the help of his team, my daughter’s charge was reduced from a DUI with a blood alcohol content of 0.15 to Reckless Driving. We were able to avoid a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 5 days and a permanent criminal record. With the help of his team—from Selena Reynoso and Scott Flaherty—to the first person we had contact with, Ms. Teresa Blakley, this was all possible.  All the staff at the Hardenbergh law firm was always very professional and polite.  Because of their honest, sincere efforts and superb legal skills, my daughter has been given a second chance and is now working as a paid HR Intern with a great company and will be graduating from college next year."        

A Relieved and Grateful Mom