“I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hardenbergh and his staff for their most competent and professional representation on behalf of my son.

My son is in the military and was on his way back to his base after a pre-deployment leave. He was heading to base from Michigan and traveling through Greensville County, Va., when he was stopped and issued a speeding ticket. After looking at the ticket the next day he realized he was charged with reckless driving while speeding. Wow! No way to take care of the summons, as it required a mandatory appearance. He was shipping out for the Middle East in two days.

My son was devastated! Where we come from a speeding ticket of this nature would have been a hefty fine and some points, not a misdemeanor criminal offense.

So, my son is gone, not able to physically make his court date nor contact the court by phone. When he left I told him I would do what I could to take care of the issue.

So, I contacted Mr. Hardenbergh. From the very minute I spoke to him he assured me that he would be able to handle this matter and most probably be able to do it in my son’s absence.

From that point I had a few weeks of communication back and forth with Mr. Hardenbergh and his staff (thanks, Selena). I was not able to give Mr. Hardenbergh much to work with, as my son was gone and the car he was driving was a rental.

When the day came for court, Mr. Hardenbergh was able to convince the court to reduce the charge to a simple traffic infraction. Otherwise, [my son] would have been facing a criminal record for a speeding traffic offense.

While there are many more components to this court action, Mr. Hardenbergh exceeded all expectations. The most impressive was in the area of communication. There was never a time I was not able to make contact with either him or his staff. For anyone in need of legal counsel I would highly recommend Charles V. Hardenbergh and his wonderful staff. Thanks again.”

Thomas Case, Clearwater, Florida